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Dogs deserve pampering too.

Exceptional grooming care at affordable prices.

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Dog Grooming - Spa Style

Dogs love being pampered. At Pop'n Paws it's not just about grooming - it's about giving your furry friend a treat day. As owner of Pop'n Paws, Kavina is bringing her 18 years of training and experience in the aesthetics world to a new, fluffier clientele. All the things humans love about the spa experience can be found right here: calming music; healthy refreshments; and of course, pampering.


Welcome to Pop'n Paws.

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In addition to the regular grooming services, your pup can enjoy a refreshing cucumber infused drink upon arrival. Actually, so can you. That's how we roll. Cucumbers are a great treat for dogs. They're packed with antioxidants and boost hydration levels.



Ah - a day in the chair with someone doin' your hair. Bliss.

$60 - $200



Because girls aren't the only ones who like to get their nails done.



Specialty Grooming

For the big gala event, you need your hair done just right. We got you.

$70 - $150+


Bath & Cleanup

Who doesn't like a relaxing soak in the tub. Bring on the bubbles.



Puppy Care

Little furballs need pampering too. And maybe some extra snuggles.

$36 - $72



Unless you're Bob Marley, let's skip the dreads folks. It's time to tame the mane.



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What customers are saying

We might not be a big shop, but we seem to be doing something right. There's a lot of tail wagging going' on at Pop'n Paws. Happy pets, make happy pet parents. See what they're saying.

"Kavina exhibits exceptional grooming skills with unwavering care and compassion.You will not be disappointed in any of the services at Pop'n Paws."

Tamara W

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Tel: 672.975.6456

1628 Agassiz-Rosedale Hwy, Agassiz, British Columbia

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